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Promote your Business on YouTube | Monetize YouTube Channel | Step by Step YouTube Marketing Course in Hindi

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YouTube Marketing Course Syllabus

In-depth Training and Strategies to grow your YouTube Channel

Module 01 : Setting up your YouTube Channel

  1. Video Flow
  2. Google Pages for YouTube Channel
  3. Verify YouTube Channel
  4. Webmaster Tool – Adding Asset
  5. Associated Website Linking
  6. YouTube Channel URL
  7. YouTube Channel ART
  8. YouTube Channel Links
  9. YouTube Channel Keywords
  10. Branding Watermark
  11. Featured Contents on Channel
  12. YouTube Channel Main Trailer
  13. YouTube Uploading Videos
  14. YouTube Upload Defaults
  15. YouTube Creator Library

Module 02 : Managing your YouTube Channel

  1. Channel Navigation
  2. Video Thumbnail
  3. CTA – Annotations
  4. CTA – Extro
  5. CTA – Cards
  6. Post Upload Enhancements
  7. Live Broadcast
  8. Playlists
  9. Manage Comments and Messages
  10. Monetize your YouTube Channel
  11. Paid Channel
  12. Channel Analytics
  13. Analytics – Realtime

Module 03 : Shooting, Recording and Creating Videos for YouTube Channel

  1. Introduction
  2. Resolution and Frame Rate
  3. Frame Rate Comparison
  4. Tripod Practical
  5. Camera Practical
  6. Tripod Height
  7. Tripod Levelling
  8. Lighting Basics
  9. Lighting Equipment
  10. Lighting to Highlight Object
  11. Lighting to Highlight Area
  12. Screen Recording Basics
  13. Editing Process
  14. Working with Footage
  15. Callouts
  16. Title and Introduction
  17. Transitions – Animated
  18. Transitions for Mistakes
  19. Output Video
  20. Practical Case Study

Module 04 : SEO for YouTube Videos to Rank Higher in Search Results

  1. Channel Keywords
  2. Optimize YouTube Video Title to match Searched Keywords
  3. Video SEO Friendly Video Tags
  4. Video SEO on Description
  5. Video SEO on Thumbnail
  6. Playlist SEO to rank entire playlist

Module 05 : Monetize YouTube Channel (Make Money using YouTube)

  1. New Strategies for 2020 (what's working now)
  2. Eligibility to get your Google Adsense for YouTube account approved
  3. Adding Bank Account in Google Adsense Account
  4. Enabling Different Ads on your YouTube Video
  5. Enabling Ads in between your YouTube Video
  6. New YouTube Creator Studio Account
  7. YouTube Creator Space
  8. Keeping your Channel in Good Status.
  9. Avoiding Strike on your YouTube Channel or Video.

YouTube Marketing Course Covers 50+ Videos and generally takes 1 month to complete entire course.

NOT just like other typical boring HOW-TO information courses.

This course covers REAL STRATEGIES, PROVEN VIDEO EXAMPLES and STEP BY STEP TUTORIALS on how to successful create your YouTube Channel to promote your business or earn money from your YouTube Contents.

Let's Invest on your self learning..

Regular Fees ₹ 9999/-


Till 31st May Only

50+ Detailed Videos | Life-Time Access | Life-Time update | Learn at your Own Speed.

Still thinking whether to buy this course ?

Let's get your doubts cleared.

Ok Mr. Viral Jadhav... Why should I join your course ? There are many other cheap courses available.

Please ask yourself a question.. Do you need just how-to information on features, or you are looking for Real Strategies? In today's fast moving world, TIME and IMPLEMENTATION is the key to success. Can you afford bitterness of TIME against sweet low cost and cheap courses? 


Stay away from self-claimed gurus who will give you just one piece of puzzle. This course has everything you need to run a successful YouTube Channel.


Since 2009, We have trained over 45000+ students in various courses including 17000+ students in digital marketing course (especially entrepreneurs and working professionals).

I don't have much technical knowledge. Can I learn from this ?

Offcourse Yes!. We cover everything from scratch, right from creating your YouTube Channel to Advanced Strategies with STEP BY STEP Guided Video Tutorials. You just need to have basic computer literacy and knowledge of internet.

What will be the Teaching Language ?

Majority of our Courses are in Hindi Language (70% Hindi and 30% English). All our courses are designed with Step by Step Training Videos. You will really find it easy to learn and enjoy the contents since they are designed with simple yet in-depth explanations.

What about Doubts and Queries ?

We provide Email Support for Doubts and Queries till 1 year. Please note that we provide solutions for queries related to our course videos and this does not includes consultancy type of service.

How will I get Training ?

Once you make online payment, you will get download link and you can learn from step by step video tutorials at your own time, speed and convenience.

How Can I access Videos ? Online or Offline or any Software ?

We provide eLearning Windows Application from which you can access all videos offline without worrying about internet connectivity.

How Long can I access Videos ?

Generally it takes 1 to 2 months to complete entire YouTube Marketing Course. But you will have LIFETIME Access to all course videos. Once you download the contents, you can watch Videos Offline using our eLearning Windows Application.

Will I Get Refund?

Honesty, we want serious learners in our eco-system (entrepreneurs and working professionals) who want to ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT advanced strategies and looking to grow their business using YouTube Marketing. If you are here just to consume contents and doing nothing, please do not waste your valuable time and money. We do not provide refund. But I personally promise that the TRUST & TIME you are investing (forget about money), will be worth for it.

Let's Invest on your self learning..

Regular Fees ₹ 9999/-


Till 31st May Only

50+ Detailed Videos | Life-Time Access | Life-Time update | Learn at your Own Speed.
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Holds YouTube Silver Award, Young Achiever's Award & many others for Economic Contributions.

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